Kudos to our graphic designer Molly, along with our creative and strategic teams for receiving another professional accolade! Matrix Partners recently won a package design award from Graphic Design USA magazine for our work on Look Who’s Happy! treats.

The Look Who’s Happy! concept and branding was developed earlier this year, after Matrix Partners was selected to create a unique and engaging brand in the ever-growing high-end pet treats category. With a crowded arena of “me too” products, we needed to be extraordinarily creative and focused on the powerful emotional bonding and positive experience that pet owners feel when giving their pets a treat. We knew there was one thing that pet parents could agree on – their pooches should be happy, and the brand was born! To further exemplify the emotional reward that Look Who’s Happy! elicited, we also created the tagline, put a smile in their life.


Thanks to our team’s pet product packaging  experience, hard work and creative insight, we’ve been developing brands that we’re proud of for more than 25 years. This latest award follows in the footsteps of winning several design and marketing awards for Spring Naturals dinners and treats. To check out our ever-growing collection of awards and accolades, visit http://matrix1.com/company and scroll to the bottom of the page.