Flashing lights, desert heat and everyone abuzz about…pets! That’s right friends, SuperZoo is just around the corner and we are more than ready to take on Las Vegas. This will mark our tenth year attending the leading pet expo, which features all of the new and exciting things happening in the industry. Our team is stocked with plenty of SuperZoo veterans and we are confident that we will be prepared for anything we encounter. So, what’s the MP secret for a successful jam-packed week? We called upon our experts to give us their best tips and tricks to prepare you for SuperZoo!

Caffeine! Caffeine! Caffeine!


There is lots of walking, so stretching is key.


Get those thumbs ready for live Tweeting!


It’s going to be over 100 degrees, so don’t forget your sunscreen.


If you follow these simple rules and love pets, then you are well on your way to conquering this exciting show! In need of more tips and tricks on how to make your brand shine at SuperZoo? Contact us at info@matrix1.com or comment below.

Viva happy pets!