A “Paw-some” Holiday Gift Guide

Time to get wrapped up in the season of Christmas lists and stocking stuffers…and don’t forget your pets! For a little inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best holiday-themed gifts for your furry friends. From fuzzy fleece coats to paw-shaped stockings, no furry friend will be left unspoiled (even if they’re on the naughty list).

Duluth Double Fleece Pullover, Gold Paw Series
For the pup who can’t stand being cold, this double-layered pullover is a win! The cozy, velvety-soft fleece will keep your dog warm all winter long, and its 7% spandex material makes for easy wardrobe changes. This jacket comes in a variety of colors, including three festive plaid designs perfect for any holiday affair.

Holiday Scratchers, Imperial Cat
Made in the USA from recycled paper, these durable scratchers from Imperial Cat capture the holiday spirit with shapes ranging from Christmas trees and snowmen to reindeer and sleighs. Not only would these make perfect gifts for kitty, but they can also work as festive decor!

Lump of Coal Dog Toy, Planet Dog
Naughty-listers, rejoice! This Orbee-Tuff toy is durable, bouncy and minty, and makes for a wonderful stocking stuffer. In case you have multiple pets on Santa’s other list, Planet Dog also makes a snowball, a mint pinwheel, and light bulb shapes.

Achy Paws Self-Warming Pet Mat, The Green Pet Shop
If next to the fireplace is not an option, give your best friend another warm place to cozy up. The Achy Paws mat uses natural bamboo-charcoal technology and activates using your pet’s body temperature to provide relief from the cold while soothing joint pain and muscle soreness. Great for senior pets who still love Santa!

Antler Dog Chews, Barkworthies
A perfect gift for even the most aggressive chewers, Barkworthies’ moose, elk, and deer antlers are extremely durable. Antlers contain essential nutrients and they naturally scrape away plaque and tartar while your dog chews.

Paw Stocking, Outward Hound
Classic is always in. This red and white plush stocking features a large green paw print design and shape on the bottom. It’s available in two sizes, so you can fill it with as many treats and toys as your pet desires.

Holiday Collars, Up Country
The Sleigh Ride collection is too cute to wrap. There are collar options for fido and feline, so no one is left out. Candy canes, gingerbread men and other adorable designs adorn these festive pieces, making them perfect for any holiday party or Santa photo-op.

Cheerful Chew Toys, HuggleHounds
Now you don’t have to worry about your pet turning your tree ornaments into playthings – HuggleHounds has made toys that double as decorations! Along with the polar bear plushies and snowball squeakies, their options will please even the scroogiest of pooches.

Tasty Treats, Bocce’s Bakery
When all else fails, get them something tasty. For the pups on the Nice list, Bocce’s Bakery offers a variety of flavors, including Gingerbread, Holiday Feast and Apple Pie. People food might be off limits for your four-legged friends, but this is the next best thing.

Happy gifting!
Love, MP

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