Giving Thanks and Giving Back

This time of year sparks something in people – a desire to give back. Whether it’s volunteering at a soup kitchen or dropping a donation in the Toys for Tots collection box, we’re all compelled to be thankful for what we have and to pay it forward.

The MP Team has passions that extend beyond a love of our work. From cancer research to greyhound rescues, we’re active across every spectrum in the pet industry and beyond. Learn more about us and the causes that capture our hearts.
Alyson, the one who recently hosted a birthday “pawty” for her pup, is a big supporter of the American Cancer Society in their quest to find a cure.

Ashlee, the one who can’t function properly without her morning coffee, supports the research and development toward a treatment (and one day a cure!) for A.L.S. Her family runs the nonprofit Payne In The A.L.S. and regularly donates to the ALS-TDI organization.

Beckie, the one that has traveled the country to see John Mayer perform, is all about pets AND people. Beckie has served on the board of Chicago Canine Rescue for more than two years and participates in the Making Strides Walk with the American Cancer Society as a grateful daughter of an even more grateful survivor.

Cassie, the one with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mug on her desk, is a huge greyhound lover, and supports Midwest Greyhound Adoption when her black lab/shepherd mix isn’t looking.

Dennis, the one whose great-grandfather served as a Romanian palace guard, loves his heritage and the work the Jewish United Fund does.

Don, the one who’s crazy about his office plants, keeps it all about animals by supporting the TLC Animal Shelter in Homer Glen, IL.

George, the one who would probably commit a crime to see the Cubs win a World Series, has donated two cars to the “Make A Wish” Foundation for children over the last eight years.

John, the one who moonlights as Super Dad, supports multiple groups like Boy Scouts of America and other local organizations with which his kids are involved.

Kristy, the one who knows the name of every neighborhood pet (but none of their parents’ names), is the captain and top fundraiser for Team In the Pink in the Making Strides Walk. She also loves getting Homer Glen rescues adopted just as much as Don with her support of the TLC Animal Shelter.

Laura, the one who accidentally punched George Clooney at a movie premiere, is even an animal-lover in her off-time, having spent 11 years working with Brookfield Zoo. She also volunteers at Pleasant Home in Oak Park, a National Historic Landmark.

Molly, the one with limited sports knowledge (who’s winning her fantasy football league), is passionate about ending youth homelessness. She used to work with Teen Living Programs.

Stephanie, the one who is THE Ohio State Buckeyes fan on the MP Team, is the former president of the board of the Humane Society of Elkhart County and loves contributing to their cause.

And then there’s Bailey, Tucker and Cody…the ones with the paws. They feel strongly about animal causes, as one does when one is an animal. With so many options out there, it can be daunting to choose just one but you don’t have to narrow your focus.
If you’re looking to keep some fluffy friends happy this year, try donating (money, blankets, food, toys, grooming tools, anything you’d use with your pets at home), volunteering, fostering, or if you’re anything like the MP Team, adopting a new family member.

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