Keep Your Cool at SuperZoo 2015

We’re counting down the days until we head to the desert for SuperZoo 2015! This will be our eleventh year attending SuperZoo, so we’ve learned a thing or two about keeping your cool during the hustle and bustle of this huge pet expo. With the scorching Las Vegas heat outside and thousands of suppliers and retailers inside, it can be easy to get a little swamped! Not to worry – we’ve compiled a list of what we think are some of the “coolest” must-see products you need to check out this year at SuperZoo.

Cool Pet Pad – This pressure-activated pad instantly starts to cool your dog as soon as they lie down – no water or electricity needed! For unbearably hot weather (much like that of Las Vegas in July!), this pet pad from The Green Pet Shop is a summer necessity.

Cool Dog Boots – From steaming cement sidewalks to ouch-inducing asphalt, your dog’s delicate paw pads need protection! Ultra Paws offers all kinds of booties for your furry best friend, including these awesome heat-deflecting boots. Create a soft and comfortable barrier between your dog’s paws and whatever tricky terrain Fido might face. Perfect for a day at the beach or even just a walk through the park!

Green Slow Feeder – Make mealtimes safer and more fun for your pooch with this innovative feeder from The Company of Animals. With its unique grass-like design, the Green slows down fast eaters and promotes mental stimulation. Eating will turn into a challenging game, and your dog will be less susceptible to the dangers of eating too fast!

Premium Deshedder – As any groomer at SuperZoo would tell you, summertime means shedding – lots of shedding! Check out the Premium Deshedding Tool from Andis to help your pet shed their too-warm winter coat. This premium brush reduces shedding up to 90% while still keeping your pet’s top coat looking fabulous.

While you’re wandering the aisles and exploring all there is to offer at SuperZoo 2015, make sure you stop by the booths of The Green Pet Shop, The Company of Animals, Andis and Ultra Paws to check out these great products. Hope to see you there!

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