The dog days of summer are here!

It was a long, cold winter here in Chicago and we are ready to get our summer on and enjoy the great outdoors with our pets! Exploring with your favorite companion is always fun, but make sure you check out these great summer essentials to keep them safe and healthy:

Sun block. The Sun Shield Tee from Gold Paw Series is a silky, lightweight jersey popover that is UPF50 rated, meaning it blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Made in light colors, they help reduce heat absorption for darker dogs. These tees are also great for wound care and topical medication coverage.

Shoo flea. The Andis Flea Comb is perfect for removing fleas, loose hair, dirt and mats. It’s a necessity year round, but it’s especially great in the spring and summer months when your dog is outside more.

Chill out. The Cool Pet Pad from The Green Pet Shop naturally cools pets for up to three hours, without water or electricity. Lightweight and easy to transport, the eco-friendly pad is easy to travel with and also serves as a perfect post-op remedy, providing cool and soothing relief from post-surgery aches and pains.

Keep calm. The Anxiety Wrap from The Company of Animals is a calming aid that provides full-body comfort for maximum calming support. This snug wrap can be used for car sickness or anxiousness when traveling. Its unique lightweight fabric is great for warmer temps when thunderstorms, fireworks or other loud noises may upset your pet.

With these summer must-haves, you’ll be ready to hike, camp, hit your local doggy beach or al fresco pet friendly patio. Stay healthy, stay happy and have a paw-some summer!

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