Three Dogs Write a Blog

Welcome to the Dog Blog, human. We’re Tucker, Cody and Bailey, your MP emcees for the week.

The team is in Orlando for the Global Pet Expo and they left the Matrix Partners leash to us. We’re not saying they’ll regret it…but those dog-shaming posts have nothing on our plans for the week.

First order of business – product inventory.


They have Caru, Bravo, Inaba Ciao, and The Green Pet Shop all over the place…we would be remiss if we didn’t help tidy up in here. They’re always so busy with trade shows, social media posts and PR pitching, so a few helping paws can go a loooooooooong way.

Once that’s taken care of, we’re going to concept some new packaging. We’re guessing that pictures of tennis balls and squirrels are the next big things in design for 2016.


Later this week, we’ll be hosting a full-scale focus group to find the best place to nap in the office. We’ve got early bets on the couch and the middle of the walkway.


After that, we’ll be testing out some products – new business doesn’t find itself.


So far, we’re loving the squeaky toys…but the jury is still out on everything else because we got caught up in testing the dog beds. They work.

Check out our unleashed updates on the MP social media this week. Opposable thumbs are optional when you have the sharp wit and good looks we have going for us.

With sniffs and kisses,
Tucker, Bailey and Cody

UPDATE: Cody managed to lock himself in Don’s office. More treats for us. – Tucker and Bailey

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