Wag-Worthy Reads: Blogs

As pet parents, most of the Matrix Partners staff is talking/tweeting/snapping/blogging/reading about animals all the time – free time, work time, bedtime, all. the. time.

Lucky for us, one of the fringe benefits of our job is finding new content and sources to enjoy, so we thought we’d share the wealth with a list of wag-worthy blogs we love to read along with our morning coffee.

Adventure Cats
No description needed. Simply marvelous.

Barking from the Bayou
If writing what you know is truly a thing, then Melissa Clinton knows cheeky. She incorporates her pup’s point of view in her posts and musings, providing a stream of entertaining content week over week.

ChicagoNOW Tatiana’s Tails
Tatiana always knows what’s up and where in Chicago.

Golden Woofs
Sugar the Golden Retriever has a nose for quality. Her reviews are always spot-on and you can count on her for great giveaways and helpful lists.

Kol’s Notes
Jodi is everyone’s doggie DIY hero. Her projects and custom pet food and treat recipes are Pinterest-worthy. Every. Single. Time.

My GBGV Life
Emma (formally know as Debucher Baguette, the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeén) is a never-ending source of reviews and awesome photography…and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t convinced that the pup does much of the work herself.

Oh My Dog!
Dog-obsessed writer Maggie Marton frequently keeps us hooked with her funny, positive and helpful stories about her adoptive pups and cat.

Oz The Terrier
Oz has a BIG personality and it doesn’t hurt that Gina, Oz’s human and the blog’s author, has an equally large and lovable personality.

Pawsitively Pets
A former vet tech covers everything from nutrition to pit bulls to exotic animals.

Pretty Fluffy
A style-centric blog covering everything from doggy DIY projects to gift guides, this fashion forward site provides inspirational content for dog owners around the globe and will leave you drooling.

Sawyer the Labrador
We have a soft spot for labs in the MP office, but Sawyer stands out all on his own. If you’re on the hunt for great new pet products, Sawyer is always ahead of the game

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