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4 Ways Influencer Marketing Will Benefit Your Pet Business

As pet brands continue to seek new strategies to promote business growth, it’s crucial to understand the ever-evolving world of Influencer Marketing! Animal content generates significantly more engagement than usual business content, and who wouldn’t enjoy a brand endorsement from a pup – like Loki’s Toyota endorsement? Here are 4 prevalent ways Influencer Marketing can benefit your business:

  1. Influencers help increase brand credibility

Consumers form the strongest connections with influencers who showcase their lives in an authentic way. It’s important to collaborate with influencers who are genuine and really care about their audience’s interests. One study revealed that 63% of consumers find influencers’ opinions “much more” trustworthy than what a brand says about themselves. Forming long-term relationships with the right influencers can positively impact brand credibility, strengthening the image that existing and potential new consumers have about your brand. It’s also imperative to work with influencers who are true fans of your products, since their audience will recognize the undeniable appreciation they hold for your company and its mission.

  1. Ability to reach several different audiences

Influencers make it easy for pet brands to get their products in front of specific audiences. A savvy influencer will provide a brand with their media kit, which includes their audience demographics (age, gender, location, etc). This allows a brand to quickly determine whether the influencer is a good fit for a campaign. Another way to gather these statistics is by utilizing platforms like Tagger Media and Upfluence. Keep in mind, while influencers can help pet brands reach key target audiences, they can also open the door to new audiences who may not be familiar with the brand’s products.

  1. Consumers are more likely to trust an influencer vs. branded content

Influencer marketing is a great way to reach younger consumers! In a 2021 study conducted by SlickText, it was found that nearly 38% of consumers find influencer reviews most valuable when researching a new product. Consumers tend to cling to the authenticity of influencer content, specifically Gen Z. Another study even showed that 84% of Gen Z consumers have bought a product in direct response to social media content – plus Gen Z and Millennials are twice as likely to trust influencers than Boomers.

  1. Creation of high quality, engaging content

Producing unique content is a valuable way to help generate interest in specific brands/products. An influencer knows how to create content that will keep their audience engaged and interested. Normally, influencers will allow a brand to utilize and reshare their content across the brand’s own social media platforms – sometimes for free, or for an additional charge. Not only does their content generate likes, but it can also initiate conversations about a brand’s product. Some examples of great influencer content include:

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