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Three polaroid pictures of cute dogs surrounded by paper hearts on a pink background that says 'Find Love at Your Local Shelter'.

Find Love at your Local Shelter

Passionate About Pets isn’t just a tagline Matrix Partners uses in order to close a business deal. It is a philosophy that is ingrained in every single one of our employees and something we really pride ourselves on.

2018 graphic design award

Design Team Honored For Emotive Design

For the third year running, Matrix Partners has received an American Graphic Design Award! This year, our innovative package design for Sustainably Yours™ Natural Cat Litter took home the honor.

why it's important to build a better brand

Building a Better Brand

Let’s say you’ve decided to build a house. You could start by casually putting some lumber and shingles together on a rugged plot of land in favor of focusing all your attention on wall decorations and furnishings. Without a solid foundation, how long will this magnificent creation stay in place? A week? A month? A year? Though the amount of time may be unknown, the outcome is inevitable.

what makes a good pet marketing agency

What makes a good pet marketing agency?

Of course, you’re looking for an agency that’s better than good. You want a marketing partner that’s innovative. Amazing. There for you and your brand. At Matrix Partners, we know what it takes to be all of those things and more for our clients. After all, you don’t thrive in the marketing world for three decades on “good.” If you find yourself wondering whether you’re talking to the right pet marketing agency, here are some positive signs.

tactical testimonials

Tactical Testimonial Usage

Within the Matrix Partners office, word of mouth is more powerful than paid advertising. We’re all lifelong pet lovers, so when a coworker asks for product recommendations, someone on the team is ready to step up with suggestions. Food for sensitive tummies, safe harnesses for pulling pups, paw boots for harsh Chicago winters – if we don’t have a solution on our client roster, we have one on our personal favorites list.

Shelter Rescue Resources

Rescue Resources

At Matrix Partners, we’re endlessly thankful that we get to work with rescues and organizations that help pets. Many of our own pets are from shelters and many of the influencers we work with were adopted as well. We work with local shelters both individually and as a team, and make a point of donating supplies whenever we can. We’re passionate about all pets, but our hearts are with rescues.

American Package Graphic Design Award 2017 Winner

Design Team Wins Big with Graphic Design USA!

Congratulations are in order for the Matrix Partners design team! In recognition of their creativity and innovation on new packaging designs this year, they are the recipients of three 2017 Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) American Graphic Design Awards.

Penny Lane Traveling Tips

Penny Lane’s Tips for Traveling with Pets

Hi everybody! Office pup Penny Lane here taking over the Matrix Partners blog to tell you more about my recent road trip to Colorado with my mom and grandpa (papa) and to share some helpful tips for traveling with pets.

Matrix Partners Don Tomala and Dennis Ableson

We’ve been Passionate About Pets℠ since 1996.

Since the two partners, Don and Dennis, founded the agency, we have assisted in the successful development of dozens of leading pet product brands from Stella & Chewy’s and Swheat Scoop to Treatibles and Charlee Bear. Leveraging our decades of consumer products marketing experience, our talented team partners with clients to define objectives and provide strategic expertise in brand positioning, package design, web development, social media, public relations, digital and traditional advertising, and more. In a competitive landscape like pet products, we understand the importance of effectively differentiating a brand and persuasively communicating its distinct consumer benefits across all mediums. That’s why we are still in business marketing pet products 25 years later.