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American Graphic Design Award Winner
Hermes Creative Awards Winning Company
Effie Award Winner
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[ozy_vc_testimonials][ozy_vc_testimonial title=”Marie Moody and Doug Siegal” subtitle=”Founder and Director of Sales, Stella & Chewy’s” image=”4093″ testimonial_content=”“Over the years working together, Matrix helped bring Stella & Chewy’s to the next level and become a nationally recognized brand.“”][ozy_vc_testimonial title=”Tommy Gay” subtitle=”President, Look Who’s Happy” image=”4091″ testimonial_content=”“The Matrix Partners group was instrumental in helping us launch our new brand to the pet market. Their creative and talented staff have been a pleasure to work with and they really know our industry.“”][ozy_vc_testimonial title=”David Bogner” subtitle=”Co-Founder and President, Bravo Pet Foods” image=”4089″ testimonial_content=”“I am extremely impressed by the job Matrix has done for Bravo. I just wanted to say thank you for the job you all have put into making our brand stand out!””][ozy_vc_testimonial title=”Bill Chilian” subtitle=”Marketing Vice President, Barkworthies ” image=”4087″ testimonial_content=”“It is with great delight that I am presented the opportunity to recommend the public relations team at Matrix Partners. Since we began our partnership, not only has the quality of my communications increased, but also the effectiveness. They’re true partners and I couldn’t do it without them!””][ozy_vc_testimonial title=”Adrian and Pamela Pettyan” subtitle=”Co-Founders, Caru Pet Food” image=”4090″ testimonial_content=”“Matrix Partners has been a valuable resource and guide as we launched our pet food company. Being new to the pet food industry, we are very thankful that we have had Matrix’s expert knowledge base to rely on. Their keen sense of the industry has definitely assisted us in growing our company. Thank you, Matrix!””][ozy_vc_testimonial title=”Heather Hickey” subtitle=”National Sales Director, Nature’s Logic” image=”4092″ testimonial_content=”“The bags Matrix did are awesome! We get compliments daily and I always tell people how fabulous you are!””][ozy_vc_testimonial title=”Stenio L. Ferreira” subtitle=”VP International Business Development/Marketing, Rush Direct ” image=”4095″ testimonial_content=”“The Matrix team was instrumental in the development and successful execution of the social media strategy for one of our brands. The team brought a level of professionalism and comfort with new channels and technologies that made it easier to translate the achievements to our internal stakeholders. Would definitely recommend Matrix to other companies looking for support with their social media strategy.””][/ozy_vc_testimonials]

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