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Fave Follows

It’s no secret that Instagram is the hottest place to be for pets. Lil Bub, Manny the Frenchie, Hamilton the Hipster Cat…they’ve all achieved pro status and collectively have more than three million followers.

As a pet marketing company, we would be remiss if we didn’t recognize the power of these influencers and engage them on behalf of our clients. We work with dozens of IG pets, and we love getting paid to scroll through cute photos. In our professional endeavors (and let’s be honest, personal ones too) we’ve come across some favorites. Check out the list below for some follow-worthy accounts, according to the MP Team.

MeanMugPug Not only is Ozzy the cutest thing ever, but her humans do a phenomenal job of capturing her pessimistic personality with their clever photo captions.
Mean Mug Pug

WoofAndWalls This account combines dogs with street art and though we don’t condone graffiti, we can’t help but love these looks.
Woof and Walls
HerkyTheCavalier Herky recently got herself a sister named Milton, and these two are too cute for words.
Two words – that tongue.
GralizzyBear The account mixes colorful with cute in their minimalist, whimsical photos.
PopeyeTheFoodie This little rescue pup is eating better than most people…and his humans are documenting it.
popeye the foodie                    
This fluffy kitty is the queen of the underbite and her face always makes us smile.
Miss Raspberry Kittay
HarlowAndSage We would never leave the house if we had cuddle monsters like these pups.
Harlow and Sage
TheRealPennyLn This Chicago puggle makes frequent visits to the MP office, and we love tracking her other adventures on IG.
Penny Lane
Dogmilk Gotta love a good dog blog.
Prefer a little variety? Check out all the featured dogs over at The Dogist.
The Dogist                    
Get the inside scoop on the pet blog world (and see some cute pets too).

Even though pets are arguably our favorite things in the world, here are a few non-pet IG accounts that we can’t help but love too:

Travel the world with Krystle and her camera.
Krystle Blackburn
TimeStr3tch Brendan’s photos are just further proof that our city is gorgeous.
Papakila Get a new perspective on NYC with Don Doherty.
Check out Alex Maier for some intense, beautiful photography.
DominoMag We love dreaming about this decor.
Brit + Co There’s not shortage of inspo or baked goods on this account.
Brit + Co                    
These photos bring a whole new meaning to “let sleeping babies lie.”
What’s your fave follow? Let us know on Instagram – @matrixpartners

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