Shepherd Boy Farms

Shepherd Boy Farms, a family-owned company in the heart of the midwest, prides themselves in formulating pet products that are as clean and pure as possible. With years of experience supplying some of the best meat in the US for humans, they set out to raise the bar for the pet food industry with the creation of Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food, Freeze-Dried Raw Treats, and Freeze-Dried Raw Goat’s Milk. We teamed up with Shepherd Boy Farms to help strengthen their overall brand presence. The process started with helping them launch their uniquely amazing Freeze-Dried Goat’s Milk, the first of its kind available in the pet world. Then we focused on raising awareness for the entire line of products through a strategically crafted multi-faceted integrated marketing campaign. Shepherd Boy Farms has seen tremendous growth since this program was initiated, with more to come as we launch even more innovative products this year.


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Best New Product Award – SuperZoo 2023