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Millennials now account for 31 percent of all pet owners, making them the largest group of pet parents in the U.S.

“Millennials are more likely than other pet owners to both expect to spend and to actually spend more on higher-priced pet products and pet-care services,” said David Sprinkle, research director for Packaged Facts.

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Design Team Honored For Emotive Design

For the third year running, Matrix Partners has received an American Graphic Design Award! This year, our innovative
package design for Sustainably YoursTM Natural Cat Litter took home the honor.

The annual Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) awards celebrate attractive graphics and the ability to establish an emotional connection with consumers through visuals. GDUSA believes that package design and other visuals are what help buyers make that final purchase decision.

The Sustainably YoursTM design reflects the simple ingredients and highlights the green mission behind this new brand. Our design features a sleek white backdrop accented by pops of color and foliage. It also has a convenient window so consumers can see the clean, white litter and quality texture prior to purchase. The litter itself contains only two simple, renewable and sustainable ingredients – corn and cassava – which are absorbent, natural and stop odor on contact. Plus, the eco-friendly brand supports The Rainforest Trust and donates a portion of every purchase to the organization’s efforts to protect and sustain threatened rainforests.

In addition to designing all of Sustainably Yours’ packaging and marketing materials, Matrix Partners will assist in the brand’s overall strategy and launch.

This honor is the latest in a group of design awards, thanks to the creative vision of the Matrix design team. The success of the Sustainably YoursTM packaging is due to Natalie Murawski, our Graphic Designer and creative powerhouse. Natalie also had a hand in other award-winning designs for Caru Pet Food, Freshworx LitterTM and Replenish Pet Food. We want to give a huge congrats to her on her amazing work!


To find out what Matrix can do to make your brand shine, please email


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Building a Better Brand

Let’s say you’ve decided to build a house. You could start by casually putting some lumber and shingles together on a rugged plot of land in favor of focusing all your attention on wall decorations and furnishings. Without a solid foundation, how long will this magnificent creation stay in place? A week? A month? A year? Though the amount of time may be unknown, the outcome is inevitable.

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What makes a good pet marketing agency?

Of course, you’re looking for an agency that’s better than good. You want a marketing partner that’s innovative. Amazing. There for you and your brand. At Matrix Partners, we know what it takes to be all of those things and more for our clients. After all, you don’t thrive in the marketing world for three decades on “good.” If you find yourself wondering whether you’re talking to the right pet marketing agency, here are some positive signs.

  1. Positioning, Positioning, Positioning. The vast majority of players in the pet product and service space don’t have unlimited cash – they need to spend what they have on what will work. At Matrix, strategic up-front thinking is built into our DNA. Before we shift into creative mode, we always start by gaining a thorough understanding of your product’s competitive advantages as well as your business objectives. Then we come up with a fresh, compelling and relevant way to optimally position your brand.
  1. Connecting with Pet Parents. All great and soon-to-be great pet brands have one thing in common: they establish a strong positive relationship with pet owners. That’s why we spend so much time getting inside their heads. Over the past five years, we’ve conducted over 100 focus groups and interviews with thousands of pet-owning consumers, from Boomers to Millennials and beyond. And thanks to our hardworking social networking team, we’re tuned in to their hopes and concerns every day.


  1. Staying on Top of Trends. A great pet marketing agency will notify clients of what’s new and what’s next in the FDM and specialty food store aisles. That’s where many of the freshest pet product ideas are hatched. At Matrix, we keep a close eye on new developments in human food, treats, supplements, beverages and grooming. We also monitor what’s trending in retail merchandising displays and share these discoveries with our marketing partners.


  1. Understanding Pet Nutrition. Why waste time educating your agency about bioavailability, why feline hydration is so important, or the benefits of a low glycemic diet for canine health? At Matrix, we already get it, so we can focus our attention on launching or revitalizing your brand. Because we routinely attend pet industry nutritional seminars. We stay up to date on changing regulatory issues that could impact how your products are labeled and promoted. And we understand the food formulating and processing supply chain, having served and supported several human, companion animal and livestock ingredient providers.


  1. Demonstrating Media Savviness. When you’re interviewing pet marketing agencies, find out if their public relations managers are on a first-name basis with editors and reporters at the leading trade industry publications. Ask them how frequently their social media team interfaces with prominent pet influencers and bloggers every week. Have them explain how they go about placing both traditional and digital ads. Also investigate whether they’re capable of scaling up with you to manage consumer print, broadcast and social campaigns. Needless to say, Matrix Partners passes all these mission-critical tests and more.
  1. Being Passionate about Pets.SM To promote branded pet products to people with empathy and energy, you need an agency that celebrates pets. Our staff actively supports a number of animal rescues and charities. Plus, every Matrix member is or has been a passionate pet parent. We understand your target demographic because we ARE your target demographic.

In closing, we hope these six criteria help you separate the greatest pet marketing agencies from all the rest. Have more questions? Contact Matrix Partners at

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Tactical Testimonial Usage

Within the Matrix Partners office, word of mouth is more powerful than paid advertising. We’re all lifelong pet lovers, so when a coworker asks for product recommendations, someone on the team is ready to step up with suggestions. Food for sensitive tummies, safe harnesses for pulling pups, paw boots for harsh Chicago winters – if we don’t have a solution on our client roster, we have one on our personal favorites list.

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